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Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne

Do You Know What Your Toys Are Doing Tonight?(TM)

   Two rag dolls, Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie, star in these books. Along with a certain amount of help from their furry little mentor, Bear, they are as much fun as they are adventure. Consequently, their Mistress Sarah is never really quite sure what her toys might be up to during the night or while she is away from home. Their latest adventure, Overnight Delivery, written by D. K. Ditherwaite has just arrived. Visit Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie at their own website.

Jenny Marie

Jenny Marie
Tiny ~ America's Best-Loved Villain

   It wouldn't be right to leave out Tiny, the littlest of all demons. Tiny really is too cute to be a demon, but that’s what he is. He is second in command of the rebel forces of General Ess in their endless conspiracy against the palace, its people and especially Yabit who inevitably foils his well laid plans. 
    Counterfeit Yabit is the first in a contemporary series set in today's times and places.
    Genesis According to Yabit (Part One) is currently under revision and unavailable at this time.



Yabit ~ Charming Attractive Special Agent Encounters
Deadly Conspirators Out to Destroy Her

    Layton Publishing's Sarah Alison Jones is Yabit's author and transcriber of Yabit's many stories. Together they weave truly enlightening tales in which the lyrical lilt of The Just so Stories, the charm of Pooh and the winsome nostalgia of rural America of Charlotte's Web all meet in Sarah's final transcriptions.



    Short and to the point eleventh hour reading. Light literature at its best. You may shed a tear in the middle but you will end up with a smile.
Full size booklets have bright, colorful covers. See Books.
Electric, Eclectic, and Ecstatically Excellent.

Sexual innuendos, obscene language and violence have never been vital ingredients to quality literature. Layton Publishing invites new writer contributions.
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